Computers Usa!

Computer Slow? So, fix it.

CUSA provides repair and IT services for individuals, small and medium business. If you need repairs, upgrades, software updates, software installed, computers moved, Internet security, virus and malware removal and protection or you need network assistance call on us we can help.

Service: Service is provided in our shop, at your location or remotely through the Internet.
Remote Support: Remote access to anywhere in California through the Internet direct to you where we access your computer as if we were sitting at your desk.
Sales: New computer sales include Dell, Acer, Lenovo (IBM) and built to order custom computers.
Repairs: We provide service for all major brand name computers and notebooks - PC & Mac.
Custom Built: BTO Diablo Computers, the fastest, most reliable computers in the business.
Networks: Services include network setup, repair, web support,. VPN setup and support, web & email hosting, & offsite backup & recovery.
Servers: 2003-2008 Windows Server, Web and Exchange Server support,
Charter Services: Total care, replacement, remote monitoring, patches, updates and computer replacement from $34.97/month/computer.

Diagnostic is $97.97 - It's free if we do the work.
Flat rate repairs for computers, notebooks & servers $197.97.
Setup and inspection charges may apply.