5 Low-Water Lawns That Stay Green Under Pressure

5 Low-Water Lawns That Stay Green Under Pressure Lowes-grass-lawn-

There’s nothing quite like a lush, green grass lawn. Although the year’s dry winter has many homeowners switching to grass-free yards, those low-water alternatives don’t always hit the spot when what you want is soft green turf. If you love your grass lawn, but don’t love the constant watering, then you need to check out these five grass lawn varieties. Suitable for every area of the country, these grasses are specially designed to stay thick and green with little to no watering, mowing, or fertilizing. Take advantage of warming temperatures and spring rain to overseed your lawn with these varieties now. By summertime, you’ll be enjoying green grass without a care.

1. Eco Lawn

Waidy - Eco Lawn Developed from a mix of native fine fescue grasses, Eco-Lawn is the most versatile low-water turf lawn variety. Once established, you can almost forget about it: it doesn’t require regular mowing to stay green, and only needs to be watered during extremely dry periods, if at all. Eco-Lawn grows well in bright sun, the dappled shade cast by trees, and the deep shade cast by fences and neighboring buildings. Underplant it with spring bulbs and wildflower seeds for a windblown meadow look, or mow it regularly for a traditional-looking lawn.

2. Pearl’s Premium

Pearl's Premium - lawn Once established, Pearl’s Premium grass seed develops roots that extend a foot or more into the ground, making the turf extremely drought-tolerant. Water this lawn once a month or less, and it will still grow a thick, verdant green. This hardy grass also grows slowly, so you only need to mow every month or so.

3. Fleur de Lawn

ProTime Lawn Seed - Fleur de Lawn The secret to Fleur de Lawn‘s extraordinary hardiness is its mix of grass and low-growing clover. Clover fixes nitrogen from the air into the soil, which fertilizes the grass and keeps it green year-round; the clover also acts as a “weed you want”, crowding out undesirable plants such as dandelions and crabgrass.
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